Rondom Roukens Concert Series 2010-11


Thanks to the subsidy from the NFPK (Dutch Foundation for the Performing Arts) which funds our composer-in-residence project, the Rubens Quartet had the opportunity to tour the Netherlands in eight special programs, together with composer Joey Roukens. The program consisted of works of Josquin Desprez/Roukens, Beethoven, Mozart and of course, Roukens himself. In addition to the quartet performances, each concert included a live interview with the composer by our cellist Joachim Eijlander, in which Joey provided insight into his work and the influences that he has experienced, both historically and compositionally. Some of the secrets behind the conception of Earnest & Game (2007) were revealed to the enthousiastic and numerous public through examples provided by the Quartet, alongside Joey's lively explanations. The Rubens Quartet is proud to be involved in making preliminary prejudices about modern music disappear; the proof is in the overwhelmingly positive reactions to our performances of Joey's work!


Click on the play button below to listen and watch a video about the residency, compiled by Daan van Aalst: