Sneak preview of the 2014-15 season


A refreshing view on programming and choices of repertoire, met with the highest quality and no compromise: that is the mission of the Rubens Quartet. We build bridges between the richness of the great traditional repertoire and some of the unjustly forgotten musical gems. In this way we bind music from different continents and centuries to create a tasteful artistic concoction!

We hope to take you along with us on our adventurous musical journey next season. We have lots of surprises in store for you!


Johannes Brahms - a life's journey


Since the promising start of our integral Brahms cycle in Rotterdam (2012), the Rubens Quartet also brought the music of this great master to the United States; we performed his quintets and sextets in Vermont, Maine, Indiana and Alaska. Together with renowned guest musicians, we look forward to continuing with the next chapter of this ambitious and rewarding project. 


Sample program, in collaboration with French pianist Vincent Planès:


Violin sonata or cello sonata (tbd)

String Quartet in B-flat, Op. 67 or String Quartet in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2

Piano Quintet, Op. 34


A piacere…


As usual, we also take great pleasure in putting together 'custom-fit' programs with you. 

A few suggestions:


Haydn – String Quartet in D, Op. 1 No. 3

Jánáček – String Quartet No. 1 Kreutzer Sonata

Beethoven - String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132




Beethoven - String Quartet in D, Op. 18 No. 3

Roukens - "Visions at Sea" (2011)

Brahms – String Quartet in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2



Rubens Quartet & Friends – our favorite musical guests


Vincent Planès - piano


The French pianist Vincent Planès is a chamber music partner in great demand throughout Europe and the United States, having studied with one of the world's greatest chamber pianists, Menahem Pressler. Vincent will have an important role in our above-mentioned Brahms cycle, and in addition to Brahms we also offer other works for piano quintet. 

For more details on any of the programs above, please don't hesitate to contact us!