Live Recording of the four Flute Quartets of Mozart



Over the past seasons, the Rubens Quartet has enjoyed many performances full of inspiration with flutist Marieke Schneemann and therefore they have recorded the four Mozart flute quartets together in Schiedam in May 2012, in two special live recording sessions/concerts.  Click here to order your very own copy!


Below is an interview with Sarah and Marieke about the collaboration:


SK: How did you get to know the Rubens Quartet?


MS: About five years ago, the 2nd violinist was not available for a quartet concert, and so the other members asked me if I could join them to play the four Mozart quartets so that the concert would not be canceled. Of course I said yes!

It clicked immediately. Mozart connects people! It is inescapable, and has nothing to do with your upbringing, your name, your age, your job; Mozart forces you to be open to his music, to 'converse' with your fellow musicians. That is how the RQ and I began our collaboration and what we still stand behind. This way of conversing becomes more and more interesting, deeper and more cheerful at the same time.


SK: How do you feel about making music with the RQ?


MS: Fantastic! The RQ is open, creative and thinks in a modern way. With relatively few words and lots of humor, it is always exciting to play with them. And that excitement comes from the fact that they are wonderful players. They have a special sound that opens up all kinds of possibilities for me. The idea of authentic performance practice didn't go by unnoticed, but even stronger, provided a great source of inspiration for us on our journey. Mozart's music is the epitomy of rhetorical style. We have explored the spectrum of moods, colors and characters, but have rarely set them in stone; this resulted in rehearsals which were intense yet full of laughter.  It is a game.  Therefore the concerts are always a surprise for us, and we leave the stage full of energy and awe about what we have rediscovered together.


SK: How did you come up with the idea of recording the Mozart Flute Quartets?


MS: It was a natural process, after all of the positive concert experiences that we have had together in the past years, because the music is so unbelievably rich, has so manylayers, and is never boring. Like a magic ball or a diamond. At a certain moment, the need emerges to confirm the bond that you have built together by making it public in the form of a CD. Even saying 'yes!' has a different meaning afger so many years.


SK: Have you made other live recordings?


MS: Many. For example, the Mozart G Major Flute Concderto with the Nieuw Sinfonietta. But live recordings can differ greatly from one another. As a musician, your point of view constantly changes because your goals shift as the years go by. The process becomes the goal, more and more. It also depends on the repertoire. The RQ and I chose to do a live recording because the music is so playful. We want to share this unique experience with our audience!