Dear friends and musical family,

We, the members of the Rubens Quartet, after having enjoyed a rewarding and intensive international career, have decided that we will end our collaboration as a quartet at the end of the 2015/16 season. The quartet has been at the center of our professional lives since the year 2000 and we look back on those years with much gratefulness and satisfaction. Now we feel that it is the right time for us all to pursue other musical activities that will present us with interesting new challenges.

Since the beginning of our quartet career we have had the pleasure of playing concerts all over the world: we have wonderful memories of our many trips to the US (where we toured eleven times and performed in thirteen different states), our regular summer appearances in France, as well as Great Britain, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Italy and several others. We also look back on a rich concert history throughout our home country of the Netherlands, where over the years we have had the opportunity to perform in virtually every large and small venue that offers chamber music concerts. We have had the honor of sharing the stage with wonderful and inspiring guest artists. Our last two internationally acclaimed CDs and our educational DVD “The Art of Perception” serve as documents of our special time together.

This coming year will be our farewell season. We are very much looking forward to the last two programs that we will present together as the Rubens Quartet: joining us are bass-baritone Robert Holl and Godfried Hoogeveen, former principal cellist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. We hope very much that you will join us for one or more of these special concerts. Starting in the spring of 2016 we will all be embarking upon new artistic adventures and look forward to performing for you in other musical contexts.

We heartily thank you all for your support and interest these many years!

With musical greetings, 

Sarah Kapustin

Tali Goldberg

Roeland Jagers

Joachim Eijlander

2015 PCC winners!

Congratulations to violinist Mayu and violist Takehiro Konoe, twin brother and sister, who have won the 2015 Rubens Quartet Prize (and many other prizes) at the Prinses Christina Concours! Mayu and Take will perform with us in four lunch concerts in the fall of 2015. Check our Concert Calendar page for more information as the time approaches. Click here to watch their inspired performance of the Händel/Halvorsen Passacaglia from the National Finals of the PCC.

New CD

In April 2013 we recorded a CD in collaboration with composer Kasia Glowicka and countertenor Arnon Zlotnik, and this CD is now available! It contains seven pieces for countertenor, string quartet and electronics, written by Glowicka, set to sonnets of William Shakespeare. Click here to order your very own copy!

New work by Joey Roukens!

On December 17 we will be honored to perform for the 65th anniversary celebration of the Nijmeegse Stichting voor Kamermuziek in "de Vereeniging" in Nijmegen. For the occasion, our “house composer” Joey Roukens is currently composing a new work for string quartet and marimba, which we will premiere with percussionist Ramon Lormans. Check back on this website for more information in the coming weeks.

Rubens Prize 2014

The winner of the Prinses Christina Concours Rubens Quartet Prize 2014 is the 15-year-old pianist Jurn Tjoa! Jurn will play four free lunch concerts with us in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Den Haag in June 2015.

Bringing Chamber Music to Children

The Rubens Quartet feels strongly that every child in the Netherlands (or in the world for that matter) should have access to chamber music. Therefore we have developed a unique new program in which high school students can get to know the genre by actively participating in it themselves. The program includes attending concerts, chamber music lesson and open rehearsals of the Rubens Quartet, and is intended to cater to all types of musicians, even those who have never picked up an instrument before! The project was launched with great success during the 2012-13 school year at the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam, and has since been brought to other schools in Leiden, Haarlem, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Please contact us for more information!