Joachim with cello and didgeridoo!

El Paso, TX

Featured on a festival banner, against a summer storm sky

Bloomington, IN

The cello all wrapped up!

Flight from Montreal to Boston

The beautiful church of Brattleboro, VT

Poster advertising our concert in Milwaukee, WI

Chateau de Fontainebleau, France

After the concert at Fontainebleau

A fanatic Beethoven fan, after our performance of Op. 135!

Norman, OK

Featured on the cover of the WFIU radio magazine

Bloomington, IN

The hall at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Milwaukee, WI

Roeland and cellist Zuill Bailey on the cruise ship

Sitka, AK

A brief tourist moment atop the cruise ship

Sitka, AK

Dutilleux in Centennial Hall

Sitka, AK

Larkspur Café

Sitka, AK

Totem Park

Sitka, AK