Review from The Strad, June 2012 issue


'The Rubens Quartet pairs Mozart with Joey Roukens (Rubens Quartet RQ 2012-01). The disc begins with the Dutch composer's wonderfully still and sorrowful arrangement of Josquin's Planxit autem David. It is imaginatively done, maintaining the notes and character of the original but adding unusual stylistic touches in terms of dynamics and tonal qualities. An incisive and sparkling performance of Mozart's brilliant "Dissonance" Quartet K. 465 breaks the stillness.  These fine young players get to the heart of the music in a finely shaped performance, full of joie de vivre.


The final piece on the disc, Roukens' Earnest and Game, takes a while to get the measure of.  It sounds chaotic and uncomfortable, but it proves strangely addictive, like catching glimpses of old friends in a crowd -- the new entwined with from (sic) remembered moments of the old.'