"Mozart was not a big fan of the flute. 'I can't stand that instrument', he complained in a letter to his father after he was requested to write a number of compositions for that very instrument. The commission came from a Dutchman, an amateur flutist who had gained recognition as a doctor while working for the Oost-Indische Compagnie. And despite his aversion Mozart went for it.

The four quartets that emerged sound inspired, especially when played by Marieke Schneemann and three members of the Rubens Quartet. On the live recordings which were made in Schiedam's Westvestkerk, Schneemann colors the soft tone of her flute to the timbres of the string instruments. She plays often without vibrato and blends seamlessly into this group of musicians which has already been lauded for years for its homogenous sound.

The result is a magnificent CD."

- October 10, 2012